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Izumi Ryu
United States
The Creator and Writer for Center Lane and the script editor for Ninja Wolf Saizo. Lately, I have been offering comic scripts to artists wishing to draw comic strips. If you feel like taking me up on this offer, feel free to contact me or leave a message here.

Center Lane:
Ninja Wolf Saizo:

AIM and MSN contact info on request.

Any of my other writing can be viewed at the following websites.



The characters have now been all fully imagined. Thank you to Banganger and GoddoArt.

Digimon Knights follows a group of Tamers that were split reincarnations of some of the legendary digimon (i.e. Royal Knights, Demon Lords, etc.). Could their existence level a shifting balance of power or will they cause a collapse into yet another war.


Name: Derrick Smith
Partner: V-mon
Affiliation: Royal Knights
True Form: Ulforce V-Dramon
Weapon: V-Bracelets (Right hand generates an energy saber, the left hand an energy shield)
Derrick has been on the run in both the human and Digital World after he dark evolved his partner and caused massive destruction to a major city. He had been able to use the V-Bracelets for awhile, but did not have any idea about the significance of them until Yori outed him as a Royal Knight. Despite the distrust among tamers he's earned, his status as a Royal Knight appears to be the only thing keeping him alive now, but he still feels he has a duty as a Tamer to fulfill, no matter what his status is. 


Name: Nakano Yori
Partner: Guilmon
Affiliation: Royal Knights
True Form: Dukemon (Gallantmon)
Weapons: Gram and Aegis (Spear and Shield)
Yori had been staying in a town to protect it, much to Alex's chagrin. She's quite powerful, but just like her partner, she also carries the Digital Hazard virus, a computer virus with the potential to tear apart both worlds. Unlike Guilmon, her body is not built to contain it, as it tends to wreak havoc on her body in times of exhaustion in an attempt to get out. While there is no true leader among the main five, she would likely be the de facto leader.

Alex and Gabumon! Commission! by GoddoArt

(Art by GoddoArt)

Name: Alex
Partner: Gabumon
Affiliation: Olympus XII
True Form: Mercurimon (Merukimon)
Weapon: Aztec (knife)
Other Ability: Speed
Alex, a Greek teenager, hadn't awakened his powers yet. Unlike most Tamers, he originally stayed in the human world before a certain incident made his home life unbearable. He escaped to the Digital World where he worked as a deputy for Zudomon and worked with the guilds in town to help keep the peace. He never wanted to be anything like Derrick or Yori, being well aware of a level of responsibility they had that he felt he couldn't handle. So finding out he was Mercurimon was a slap in the face to him. While he finds himself able to use Mecurimon's speed as a human, it is unknown if it truly matches the top speed of Mercurimon himself.

Carlos E Impmon by GoddoArt

(Art by GoddoArt)

Name: Carlos (Zarate? Possible last name).
Partner: Impmon
Affiliation: Demon Lords
True Form: Beelzebumon
Weapons: Berenjena (twin shotguns)
Other Ability: Data Absorption
Carlos is a hispanic young man (still trying to decide which country) that was the son of a cartel leader. Having been exposed to a shady world, he grew a hatred for those that sought power over the weak. However, the strong (whether they were truly or perceived as such) are fair game to him. He possesses the ability to load a defeated Digimon's data, but he cannot use any of the techniques gained this way without evolving to Beelzebumon.

Commission: Beavis and Agumon by GoddoArt

(Art by GoddoArt)
Name: Beavis
Partner: Agumon
Affiliation: Grey Knights
True Form: ShineGreymon
Weapon: GeoGreySword (a double sword or javelin)
  Beavis, a British teenager with some chauvinistic tendencies and a black and white worldview that tends to get him into trouble (he triggered a Digital Hazard when he tried to kill Yori while she was sick, in an attempt to prevent it from ever happening). He prefers fighting hand to hand unless he is pressed to use his sword, which doubles as a defensive shield for him as well.


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